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A Free, Full-CRUD Java Code Generator for the Whole MVC Spectrum

    Because "scaffolding" and "frameworks" still leave you with lots of work to do!

What Is POJO Jenerator?

(Guest)   What Is POJO Jenerator?         

A Java Code Generator With a Funny Name

  POJO Jenerator is an object relational Java code generator that produces all the code you need to build a modern, AJAX-based, Java web-application with full-CRUD support for any object (database table) that you define. It generates Java code intended for use in a Java J2EE container (i.e. Tomcat, Resin, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, et. al.), and to interface with a relational database. *   POJO Jenerator, as the name implies, generates Java code that adheres to the POJO Principle. Simple Servlets, JSPs with simple, embedded scriptlet code in them, and straight JDBC persistence characterize the resulting code that POJO Jenerator produces.

POJO Jenerator saves you, the developer, tremendous amounts of time when developing new web-apps, or extending existing web-apps. This free Java code generation tool gives you a working prototype immediately for any entity you define, and lets you go straight into customizing the results to specifically fit your needs. What might take days, or even weeks to do manually, takes only minutes (seconds, really) to do in POJO Jenerator. This free Java code generator will revolutionize how you develop web-apps, and you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Why Use POJO Jenerator?

  There are lots of Java code generators, frameworks, and scaffoldings out there. What makes POJO Jenerator different?


  • Complete Java code generation for a full-CRUD, working web-application for any object you define.
    Click here for a working example Working Example
  • Resulting code:

    Pure Java, straight Servlets/JSPs, with modern AJAX techniques.
    Straight JDBC DAO persistence layer - very high performance using a very small footprint, yielding highly scalable apps.
    Straightforward, light-weight architecture is easy to understand, easy to deploy, easy to extend/modify/maintain.
    No reliance on heavy-weight bloatware like Struts, Spring, Hibernate, EJBs, GWT, etc. Avoid the hassles of complex configuration,
    "injection", XML files, etc.
    Component-oriented, modular design lets you deploy the resulting "web-widget" wherever you need it in your application.
    Use only those generated components that you want to use. Only need a Javabean for your table? Then only generate & save the Javabean class. Just want the JDBC persistence DAO class? Just save that file. Pick & choose what you want.
    TimeChannels option lets you generate Java code that wraps all date/time-retrieving calls in the TimeChannels artificial system clock class. Rest assured your generated Java code can participate in high-quality, integrated testing in date/time context.

  • Web-based, browser GUI tool - access, manage, and use POJO Jenerator from home, office, client site - anywhere, anytime. Easier & more intuitive than command-line Java code generators.
  • Objects are organized by project - filter/sort your list of objects by any number of your own projects.
  • POJO Jenerator, and the code it generates for you, is totally free.

Proven Architecture

The generated Java code has been tested with thousands of concurrent users, on a VPS with only 256 MB of memory, and performed beautifully.
Mainstream, public applications have been built with POJO Jenerator:

www.bookerville.com Bookerville is a comprehensive online booking/reservation calendar system for rental properties, used by individual property owners, B&Bs, and multi-property owners/managers. Here is an example of a page generated for Vacation Rental Listings.

www.JCStudiosInc.com The J&C Studios O Gauge Forum Archive is a multi-user, interactive forum/blog archive of model railroad hobby content, categorized by users. Monthly photo contests, photo upload & hosting, and more.

Distributed Artificial System Clocks for integrated, multi-app. software testing in Date-Time context.
POJO Jenerator itself is also built with POJO Jenerator.


Hosting on a VPS?

  If you're developing apps. that are to be deployed on a VPS, then you know that the codebase needs to be as tight as possible, consume as little memory as possible, and run as fast and efficiently as possible. "Heavier" tools and technologies like Hibernate, Spring, Struts, Grails, GWT, etc, are going to tax your VPS more than using pure, POJO (Plain-Old Java Object) architecture. Why build apps. that are going to have a harder time scaling? Build with POJO Jenerator and you can be confident that your apps. can handle larger numbers of concurrent users using less expensive VPS services.

Need More Details?

  Check out the POJO Jenerator white paper, which goes into much more detail about this Java code generator. But the best way is to just get started by registering (it's totally free, and we won't sell your email address to the spammers). Once signed in, you can create as many objects as you want and see for yourself what POJO Jenerator produces for you.

Help Us

  What do you think of POJO Jenerator? Do you have ideas for how to make it better? Let us know: Contact Us.

We are always looking for people to help us improve what we offer, both for TimeChannels and for the POJO Jenerator tool. If you have an interest in extending POJO Jenerator to create additional kinds of code, let us know. We might ask you to provide sample code that you'd like to see generated for your custom objects, which will serve as a template for us to extend POJO Jenerator.

Don't just sit there - get involved!


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